Customer Reviews

Wij vinden het belangrijk dat reviews een zo goed mogelijk beeld geven over onze producten en service. Onze beoordelingen worden daarom, onpartijdig, beheerd door WebwinkelKeur.

Customer reviews



"Daans Design is 'a hidden gem' itself.. I prefer to expand my earrings collection with Daan's unique earrings. Not only because they are beautiful, but also because I know that they are made with all the love and attention You can find her care in the smallest details and even the packaging.

For a special and exclusive gift (to loved ones or yourself:) I would definitely recommend Daans Design! Daan has (in addition to the existing jewelry I have from her) also made the most beautiful things for me 'on commission'.. a number of earrings especially to my wishes, but also a very special gift for someone.. this C0 creation also does them with all the attention, care and love!"



"I have ordered from Daan several times now and every time I get so happy when I receive my order. Daniëlle delivers customization and takes the time for you. She thinks along with you and that results in beautiful combinations. In total I have already Ordered 4 pairs of earrings. They remain very beautiful and they are delivered festively packaged. I will definitely be back around the holidays."



"Daan's Design has designed various pieces of jewelery for me, all of them beautiful. Perfect communication and service. Highly recommended."



"A friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said earrings by Daan's design! I am so happy with this unique and very fine and graceful gift. I wear the rose quartz earrings with great pleasure and I also get a lot of them compliments about it. A satisfied customer!"



Baroque pearl earrings

"They are beautiful! A chic look. And packaged so beautifully with a lot of care and love. Many thanks!"

Long earrings Moonstone

"Thank you dear Daan! For your care, time, love and attention again in this special gift!"



"Received your beautiful earrings today and they are beautiful! I will wear them with great pleasure. The packaging is also a party."



"The earrings are really beautiful. The opal colors match the background, very special and beautiful! Thanks again for these beautiful earrings."



Bracelet Opal gemstone

"A beautiful bracelet! I am very happy with it, I will wear it with pleasure. Thank you!"



Purple Amethyst Earrings

"My earrings are so beautiful! Together with the necklace I am super happy with them! If I need jewelery again, I would love to come and see you again. Thanks again for the two beautiful sets you made."



Rose sapphire earrings

"They are really great, thank you very much. The length is super. Very beautiful pink sapphire with sweet little charms. Completely finished. I'm already thinking about the next pair :)!"



Gemstone charms

"Beautiful jewelry. Excellent communication with seller. See you next time!"



Gemstone charms

"My order was shipped very quickly and I was well informed by email. You can see that it was packed with love and attention. The piece of jewelery itself is exactly as I expected and also as it was depicted on the website. is very beautiful and I am very happy with it. I will definitely recommend you to others."



Tourmaline earrings

"Carefully put in a nice box, with a card and for dessert two Leonidas bonbons. They are really beautiful and I will wear them with pride. Many thanks and see you next time."



Coco necklace and baroque pearl earrings

"I would like to thank you for the beautiful earrings and necklace. I will wear them with pride. The way everything is packed, even including a present, makes me suspect that everything was made with a lot of love."



Chandelier earrings

"The earrings are beautiful. Thank you very much for the fast service and the nice gift."



Flower earrings silver

"What a treat, with chocolates! And sooo beautifully wrapped. I am intensely happy with it, so beautifully and delicately made. The earrings also wear light and they match everything I wear. I'm going to enjoy this very much! thanks!"

Kyanite and Opal Gemstones Necklace

I received the beautiful necklace and it fits like a glove! Very nice and beautiful in color. Thank you very much for the tasty bonbons, what a tasty surprise!


Baroque pearl necklace

Ordered a beautiful baroque pearl necklace from Daans Design and have now received it. Very nicely made with a gold lock. Very happy with it. After extensive consultation, I got exactly what I wanted. I would like to recommend Daans Design to everyone.


Baroque pearl earrings

They are super beautiful. I want to thank you for all the time you have taken to think along with us and help.


* Pearl earrings

Thank you very much for the beautiful earrings. They are special, unique and I will often wear them with great pleasure. Harriette

* Necklace moonstone silver

My girlfriend was very happy with the necklace. It looks really beautiful and was packed very nicely. Thanks for the good service. Alan

* Baroque pearl earrings

The earrings arrived today - they are lovely, as always and thank you for getting them to me so quickly. They will make the perfect gift. Pippa

* Tourmaline necklace

Just been able to unpack another festive package from you. And you're right, it turned out to be a beauty. Thank you for "wrapping" the beautiful tourmaline crystal in silver especially for me. And the nice thing is that I had no idea what the pendant would look like, but I had the confidence that you would make something beautiful out of it. Annemieke

* Tourmaline bracelet

Nice collaboration! See you next time. Elleke

* Long earrings Maxima style gold with labradorite

They are really beautiful and I am very happy with them. Thank you!!! Rachie

* Tourmaline necklace with tourmaline pendant

Thank you for the quick and careful handling of my order. It was a joy to unpack your package; so nicely done.

It is nice to be able to add another professional with a love for tourmalines to my list of favorites. I am happy to now also be able to wear a pendant with the rare blue tourmaline. Find the pendant very 'nice and simple', all attention goes straight to the crystal.

* Tourmaline bracelet

The bracelet is fantastic; just the right size and beautiful colors! I don't take it off anymore! Thank you very much for your willingness and your effort.

* Baroque pearl earrings

Thank you for the beautiful earrings! I was able to wear them to my son's christening :)

* Various pearl necklaces

Everything looks beautiful and packaged beautifully!!! Even the chain on which a new clasp has been made has suddenly become a class or something more beautiful.

* Baroque pearl earrings

I received the earrings, they are beautiful. Thank you.

*Jewelry set earrings and necklace

Thanks for the jewelry. Am very happy with it.

* Long necklace with commissioned gems

Hi, the necklace is beautiful, very happy with it!! Thanks for the good service.

* Long earrings on commission

The earrings have just been delivered, thank you, they are really beautiful and even more beautiful than in the video. The dark stones are really cool!

* Pearl necklace

Thank you very much for the beautifully wrapped pearl necklace. It was a gift for my daughter and she has now received it and is very happy with it. Beautiful color and a nice length. We found it very nicely packed, also with a very nice storage box. Chic just like the necklace. Thank you so much for the fast shipping and packing so nicely. That makes it just that little bit different.

* Pearl bracelet

Thank you again for the beautiful piece of jewelry. Ordering something over the internet is generally very impersonal, but it's very different with you. The piece of jewelery is clearly made with love and packed with care. It is a pleasure to receive something from you. Thank you very much!

* Baroque pearl earrings

The post has just delivered my baroque pearl earrings. I'm very happy with it. Glad I found you, I will definitely order from you again.

* Vintage gold ring with green peridot

Thank you for your personal attention!

* Blue lapis lazuli earrings

The earrings with lapis lazuli are very nice, I wear them with pleasure. They fall nicely and the cobalt blue color is really beautiful. Thank you!

* 30-01-2020 Green aventurine earrings

They are beautiful , my earrings . I'm very happy with it . Beautiful stone with "lovely" finish. :)

* 14-01-2020 Tourmaline bracelet

I just received my bracelet. I'm super happy with it! He is perfect! And also the box and how it was packed made it extra. So it really feels like a special gift. Thank you very much! :)

* 14-01-2020 Labradorite boho earrings

My girlfriend has never worn such beautiful earrings. I will be shopping with you again soon. Perhaps you would like to commission something? You have super nice stuff in your store. :)

* 21-12-2020 Vintage ring

Very happy with my Christmas present a vintage ring 🥰 Received very good service from Daans Design very satisfied with it! The package was also delivered quickly. I definitely recommend Daans Design!

* 16-09-2020 Baroque earrings

Surprised my wife with these beautiful earrings. She thinks they are beautiful. Delivered quickly and neatly, nicely packaged and completely as expected. :)

* 30-08-2020 Pearl earrings

I am so happy with the earrings! Beautifully packaged and they are exactly what I expected.
Again thanks a lot.

Kind regards, IB

* 24-08-2020 Necklace and earrings

I started with earrings and soon I wanted a matching necklace. Well that worked great!! I think something will be added soon :+ . Service is perfect and beautiful luxury packaging. Thank you Danielle you are highly recommended

* 26-07-2020 Earrings

I am very happy with my earrings with citrine gemstones. The design is very beautiful, the citrine gemstone makes it cheerful and sunny. Very nicely done!☀️🌼

* 11-06-2020 Gemstone bracelet with tourmaline

Very fast service and good communication. A lot was possible. :)

* 10-06-2020 Pearl necklace

Daan design had made a beautiful unique pearl necklace with an asymmetrical pendant for me that had to be re-knotted after intensive wearing. She did a fantastic job making them drape nicely again. love, arabella

* 22-02-2019 Silver pearl baroque earrings

A few days ago I ordered a pair of silver pearl baroque earrings from Daans Design and they arrived beautifully packaged today.
They are truly beautiful and exactly what I was looking for;
They fit perfectly with a similar bracelet and necklace that I already owned.
I am very happy with it! Thank you very much, Olivia ( a satisfied customer from Belgium )

* 14-02-2019 Silver necklace with labradorite

My husband gave me a beautiful silver necklace with labradorite. Because it has a special closure, I sometimes even wear it the other way around. I am very happy with it and highly recommend Daans Design. :)

* 31-01-2019 Green bracelet

I have a beautiful bracelet from Daans Design. I wanted a green bracelet and Daan went with me to see what options and colors there are. I like to wear it and often and it stays beautiful! Super happy with it, thank you Daan :+

* 27-11-2018 Bracelet with sodalite

A few months ago I bought a bracelet at Daans Design with Kobalt blue stones from Sodaliet with a leather strap. It is chic and yet sporty, I really like to wear it and it is also very easy to combine. You notice that it is good quality, the stones remain very beautiful in color.

* 11-26-2018 Posted by Pearl Necklace

Recently I ordered a pearl necklace from Daans Design. A great necklace with large white shiny pearls and a beautiful clasp.
I am very happy with it! :)