Handmade earrings gemstone or pearl earrings

Gemstone earrings and earrings with pearls give your look the finishing touch. Beautiful long earrings with stone or large baroque pearl earrings provide a beautiful and well-groomed look. Daans Design designs exclusive earrings in all kinds of colors and styles, such as with green gemstone, blue or pink gemstone. So you can choose tourmaline earrings or baroque earrings that match your personal style.

Exclusive gemstone earrings

You can also choose from various styles such as bohemian earrings with large gemstones or chandelier earrings with exclusive gemstones. Also popular are the Maxima earrings. These are long earrings with a beautiful gemstone at the bottom. These are also called minimalist earrings. Are you looking for a colorful design? Then take a look at the cluster earrings in which various gemstones are combined. This often produces a beautiful play of colours. Many gemstones are custom made especially for Daans Design.


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Real pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are always possible. Their beauty and color make them suitable for a working day at the office, but also for festive occasions. The pearl earrings from Daans Design with round pearls or baroque pearls are handmade with the finest quality pearls with gold and silver. For the baroque pearl earrings you can choose from different sizes of baroque pearls. The largest baroque pearls have a diameter of almost 3 cm, but you can also opt for smaller baroque pearls around 2 cm. All earrings are handmade jewelry so that you always have an original piece of jewelry.

Earrings with precious stones and pearls combined

Do you want to combine pearls and gemstones in a unique design? Then choose cluster earrings in which pearls are combined with multiple gemstones. These earrings are a perfect eye-catcher.

Tourmaline earrings

A unique gemstone makes for a unique piece of jewelry, that's undeniable. Yet tourmaline stands head and shoulders above that. But rarely can two identical slices be sawn from one crystal. With the tourmaline earrings from Daans Design you can count on two identical earrings. When you choose tourmaline earrings, you really have something special in your hands and you can be sure that no one else has the same earrings!

High quality handmade earrings

Real pearls with a beautiful shiny luster and luxurious high-class gemstones are used to design the earrings. This means you can use these beautiful earrings for a lifetime without the shine fading. In addition, the earrings are unique. Daans Design looks at each gemstone individually and makes the most beautiful creations. For each gemstone, it is checked whether it is complemented with gold or silver. For example, moonstone white earrings color perfectly with silver and rose quartz earrings with gold are a winning combination. The gold earrings are made with earrings or studs of 14 carat gold fill or 14 carat gold. The silver earrings are made with 925 sterling silver.

Luxury earrings to suit your taste

Earrings give that little bit extra to your appearance. It is therefore very important that they match your style and taste. Are you looking for a specific color such as green gemstone earrings, blue earrings or pink earrings? Please contact Daans Design to view the possibilities. This way you can enjoy high-quality and exclusive earrings. With earrings from Daans Design you have jewelry that lasts longer than 1 fashion season. Timeless, exclusive and unique.