bridal jewelry


Handmade bridal jewelry of precious stones or pearls

You often only get married once. It is not for nothing that the bride wants to look like a princess during her wedding. Unique handmade jewelry provides the complete picture. You can express your own style with luxurious gemstone earrings, for example opal earrings or with tourmaline. Baroque earrings go well with a romantic wedding dress.

You can also opt for a long or short necklace with gemstones or pearls, such as a minimalistic gemstone necklace or a silver necklace with baroque pearls. The bridal jewelry from Daans Design is handmade jewelry with the most beautiful gemstones and pearls, made of high-quality sustainable materials such as 14 carat gold, 14 carat gold fill and 925 sterling silver.


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Handmade earrings and necklaces on commission

Daans Design designs unique pearl earrings, tourmaline earrings, gemstone necklaces or modern pearl necklaces. For example, you can opt for long cluster earrings with gemstones or bohemian earrings with gemstones. You can also have a matching necklace designed. With the handmade jewelry you let your personality shine. In addition to wedding jewelery for the bride, Daans Design can also design bridal jewelery for the mother of the bride or for other wedding guests.

Are you a guest at the wedding and do you want to coordinate your jewelry with your festive outfit? That is of course also possible. With the jewelry from Daans Design you can express your own personal style.

Anna Collection, especially for weddings

Daans Design has designed the Anna collection especially for weddings. This unique collection is special because you can adjust the jewelry yourself. The jewelery from the Anna collection can be worn in varying combinations. For example, you can add a gemstone to the earrings or remove a pearl. The standard ear stud is equipped with a gemstone of your choice. From there you can make all possible combinations. Joint
for example, a large baroque pearl, an extra gemstone or long ornaments.

The special thing about these earrings is that they are forged, soldered and designed by Daans Design. With the jewelery from the Anna collection you do not only have to wear your jewelery at the wedding, but you can adapt it for any other occasion.