Short or long necklace handmade with precious stones and pearls

Are you looking for a handmade necklace with a gemstone? Daans Design designs various long and short necklaces with precious stones. You can completely customize your jewelry to your own taste and style. To give an example: the long necklace with gemstone in Sautoir style is knotted or strung with beautiful silk or high-quality jeweler's thread and is available with or without a clasp.

A long necklace with pearls or precious stones immediately gives you an elegant appearance. You can show off with a beautiful garnet or pearl necklace. Daans Design's handmade necklaces let your personality shine. For example, choose a freshwater pearl necklace, a minimalist necklace or a long necklace with precious stones.

The most beautiful pearls and sparkling gemstones are used in the designs of Daans Design, to make you shine.


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Styles of gemstone necklaces

Daans Design offers various styles of gemstone necklaces:

  • Fine gemstone necklaces with initial charm
  • Minimalist necklaces with small gemstones

  • Laced necklaces with precious stones

  • Hand-knotted necklaces with silk

  • Silver and gold necklaces with gemstone

  • Coco Chanel style long necklaces. This is an exclusive necklace because the finest gemstones and pearls are wrapped in sterling silver or 14k gold fill.

Luxury genuine pearl necklaces

A real pearl necklace can be made in either a short or a long design. A modern pearl necklace is often short, but Daans Design also designs long pearl necklaces. All pearl necklaces are made with real pearls. The chic pearl necklaces are hand-knotted with high-quality pearl silk or strung on strong jewelers' thread. Each pearl necklace is finished with a beautiful clasp of sterling silver or 14 karat solid gold if desired. With a real pearl necklace you can radiate your own personality.

Necklaces with pearls and precious stones

Can't choose between a gemstone necklace or a necklace with pearls? Fortunately, you don't have to choose. You can also have long necklaces designed with a combination of pearls and precious stones. Combined with sterling silver, these necklaces are beautiful and have a very luxurious look. Because a lot of material is used and it takes a lot of time to make it, these are luxurious and exclusive jewelery in a higher price range that are not inferior to a designer necklace.

Natural freshwater pearls for timeless pearl necklaces

Daans Design pearl necklaces are made from natural freshwater pearls, which are known for their timeless beauty. The pearls have a beautiful shine and are available in different sizes and shapes, making each pearl necklace unique. At Daans Design we attach great importance to the quality of our pearl necklaces and that is why we only use the most beautiful freshwater pearls. Our pearl necklaces are hand-knotted with real silk, which not only provides a beautiful appearance because the pearl necklace drapes beautifully, but also ensures a long life of the pearls. A pearl necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry that enriches every outfit and is a real eye-catcher. Whether you are looking for a classic white pearl necklace or a pearl necklace with a modern twist, at Daans Design you will find the perfect pearl necklace for every occasion.

Necklaces with precious stones and pearls in your personal style

With the handmade necklaces of precious stones and pearls you can express your own personality. You enjoy an exclusive and unique design, which fits your personality exactly. Daans Design uses durable and high-quality materials such as 14 carat gold, 14 carat gold fill and sterling silver. Our gemstone necklaces or pearl necklaces are not only a wonderful gift for yourself, but also for someone else. That is why all our jewelry is beautifully packaged in a luxury jewelry box and wrapped in beautiful gift paper. With Daans Design necklaces you have jewelry that lasts longer than 1 fashion season. Timeless, exclusive and unique.