May 24, 2023

Tourmaline gemstone jewelry

By Danielle Valkering

Why tourmaline gemstones are exclusive.

    Tourmaline is a very rare gemstone. A lot of tourmaline is found, but not everything is suitable for making beautiful stones for jewelry. For Daans Design I make jewelry with this special gemstone.

    tourmaline bracelet gold

    Sites of tourmaline

    Most tourmaline sites are in the mountains of Brazil, USA, Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Russia.

    Different colors of tourmaline

    There are many different colors of tourmaline. For example, blue tourmaline, also called Indigolite , is widely found in Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa. And beautiful pink tourmalines are mainly found in California. The most beautiful watermelon tourmaline is found in Brazil and Africa. These tourmalines are called watermelon because they have a green outside, the so-called rind, and a pink color inside.

    Gemstone tourmalines

    Rough tourmalines are often faceted in rectangles, the step-shaped baquettes, or in drop-shaped briolettes. The shape that I find very beautiful to process in my tourmaline jewelry are the slices of tourmaline.

    These discs are sawn from a rough crystal tourmaline. The edge all around is left rough and the front and back are polished smooth. You look right into the heart of the crystal. Often there are many different colors. These colors are often so special and radiant that they sparkle beautifully in the sunlight. This cannot be compared with any other gemstone.

    Tourmaline earrings pink

    Rare pairs

    These discs become very rare when two discs can be cut from one crystal. The crystal must be large enough for this, and this is usually not the case!

    Of course I make exclusive tourmaline earrings from these pairs. You can admire these here . I process the single tourmaline slices or baquettes in my necklaces with tourmaline or in necklaces with pearls.

    With tourmaline gemstones you always have original and exclusive jewelry which are real gems to wear!

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